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We help our clients expand with high-performing global remote teams.  

Remote working is set to change the world and Codvo.ai is here to help you gear up. Codvo.ai delivers your dream remote team of full-time (not freelancers) Developers, UX Designers, Data Scientists, AIOps, DevSecOps, and Cloud Engineers.  

Your remote team will be available in your timezone and adapt your company processes and culture for increased business efficiency, communication, and success.  

Businesses often have trouble finding success due to a lack of expert and dedicated talents. From this idea, Codvo.ai was born. Codvo.ai takes pride in its capability to help companies scale-up and do more by forming and delivering highly-efficient software development, IT, design, and SME remote teams.  

Since inception, our vision has been to combine the collective force of our company with an ecosystem of US-based and Global pool of technical talents.  We invest in selecting and teaming up with top talents each month and have a growing ecosystem of 1000+ highly-experienced Developers, UX Designers, Data Scientists, AIOps, DevSecOps, and Cloud engineers to help our customers build their dream remote teams.

From the get-go, our company is committed to helping you with:  

Codvo.ai delivers your dream remote team of dedicated, exclusive remote team of experts (not freelancers) who will work in your timezone to optimize your business processes, productivity, and delivery.  We use the latest technology to select and team up with new talents, grow our talent pool as needed, and allow you to pick the ones that fit your business culture and needs as you expand.  

We understand that building a remote team can be challenging, which is why we offer white-glove service and a no-risk trial period.  

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