Case studies

Reusable Automation Framework

About the client

Our client is a leading point-of-sale payment platform for retailers and consumers across the North-America region.


Business Challenge

Our Approach and Solution

The main purpose of building and bringing reusable test automation frameworks is for:

  • Opportunities for Manual Testers to adopt automation easily with re-usable templates.
  • One Stop Solution for Test Automation (UI, API) and even performance, this grows with addressing multi-stack technologies.
  • Possibilities of bringing  reusable code across the project. For e.g., could be technology stack like API or UI Automation, could be App Specific for e.g., origination, customer information, data generation etc.
  • Ideas of bringing Manual and Automation tester instead of Silos.
  • Possible to bring up In-Sprint Automation which can be started first with API followed by UI.


We Core Library  - UI Core, API Core, Mobile App Core, Product Core, Performance Core, and Security Core for the client and removed single existing framework dependency

Tech Stack


Business Impact

20 to 30% reduction in effort to due to the reusable framework.
All the projects can simultaneously access the code from a single pull library, or a common server thus reducing the efforts.
Allow testers to focus on what to automate NOT spending time on how to automate.