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Defining a clear path to the cloud is crucial. Dive deep to know how Codvo can help you ease your journey to the cloud and will help you achieve your ambitious business goals.
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Cloud-native Development

Whether you want to design and deploy cloud-native apps (on microservices architecture), migrate existing applications to the cloud, or move from one cloud vendor to another, we have the knowledge and experience to get you there quickly and effectively.

Cloud App Performance Monitoring

We help you proactively monitor cloud performance and identify performance bottlenecks in your cloud-native technologies. We provide you with an effective monitoring mechanism to ensure successful service delivery to meet your business goals, irrespective of your cloud migration maturity.


Application Security

Vulnerabilities are both costly and inconvenient. Using both manual and automated testing tools, we can help you enhance your existing application security program and can help you integrate application security throughout your entire software development process.


We advise to not rush to DevOps to be more agile and deliver code faster at the expense of security. Our DevSecOps security service enables your teams to exert influence and make your apps secure within the current CI/CD pipelines. We help you achieve your goals without slowing down your development teams or jeopardizing security.

Design & Dev

API Development & Management

Deploying the right APIs between your solutions leads to a seamless user experience and frictionless business processes. From REST to GraphQL, we can build new and custom APIs for you to optimize the performance and security of your business. We help you simplify app integration and extend your solution to more customers.

UX Research and Design

We help organizations overcome product design issues with our UX services. Whether you are building a new product or reviewing the quality of an existing one, we will work with you to produce a stunning and highly useable product that is laser-focused on your customer needs. Our full-fledged design approach delivers a compelling user experience that succeeds.

Mobile App and Web UI Development

We specialize in building online, desktop, and mobile user interfaces at Codvo, and we offer complete user interface design solutions. With an in-depth understanding of page designs, wireframes, and case profiles, you can always count on our team to make the user interface design extensively engaging for the end-users.


QA Automation

Get your software products and services to the market with fully tested functionalities and optimal performance. With our QA automation services, you can achieve unprecedented efficiency across your software lifecycle, providing highly scalable and thoroughly tested business services with each product release.

Quality Assurance

We specialize in offering high-quality testing services that help you increase the performance of your software while also assisting you in managing an increasingly complicated technological landscape. Our QA services are built on a DevSecOps basis, a metrics-driven methodology, and automation to ensure bug-free digital products.

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce Platform

Our demonstrated technical expertise in leading commerce platforms allow us to guide our customers on technology choices and plan of action. We deliver reusable solution accelerators, readiness frameworks, and diagnostic and optimization tools for your digital commerce transformation. We have functional expertise across the commerce lifecycle, including omnichannel commerce.

Payment Integrations and Support

We provide the best-in-class payment gateway integration to streamline payment collection and support contactless transactions. From allowing you to choose the service provider of your choice to faultless payment gateway integration, we provide a dependable and personalized service for your business.


Performance Optimization

Why let a slow application negatively influence your business? At Codvo, we use the latest performance optimization techniques to evaluate the responsiveness of the web and mobile application and guarantee that it works well across all platforms, operating systems, and browsers.

24*7 Product Support and Customer Success

Our seasoned technical support teams are remotely enabled to provide 24×7 product support to our customers. We keep our promises and assure you of ongoing support.

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