Speed-up digital transformation for your business with our Cloud Services

Our team will accelerate your move to the cloud. We focus on your objectives and also reduce the overall cost of migration for your business.
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Cloud Initiatives

Our team of experts will help you recalibrate, reinvent, and reimagine cloud initiatives for your business. Our developers will help you with automation, optimization, management, and monitoring of your cloud ecosystem as well.

Implementation and Migration

We can help you move to the cloud or migrate your organization’s data to the cloud in the most cost-effective manner. Our team will ensure that your journey to the cloud is safe and secure right from the beginning.
Cloud - Codvo.ai
Cloud - Codvo.ai

Agile Development

Our agile approach to development and feedback cycles ensures a continuous collaboration between your business and our team. We will also equip your team with the toolkits to manage and monitor the progress of your cloud initiatives.


How will I know which cloud computing solution is right for my business?

Our team will do a feasibility check for your organization to enable the selection of an appropriate solution. The assessment test will help you select your cloud computing model (public, private, or hybrid), your cloud platform, etc.

We have a huge system. Can you transfer our data quickly and safely?

Our team will be able to suggest when they gauge your system thoroughly. However, there are several solutions for large systems, like Amazon Snowball, which has a capacity of up to 50 Tb that you can request from AWS.

Do you transfer the entire system or are there any parts that are left out of the cloud?

Hybrid infrastructure is common and preferred these days, where the cloud enhances technical capabilities, but the sensitive data is still stored on-premise. Depending on the data you are capturing for your business, our team will make a suggestion.