Find a fractional CXO, an interim leader or a consultant that your company needs.

Our executives are armed with decades worth of CXO-level experience across industries, making them ideal for helping you grow your business in the right direction.
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Filling the gap

Most entrepreneurial startups or small businesses experiencing growth struggle with managing a balance between strategy and business operations. Our Fractional CXOs will help you fill the gap by keeping your business on the roadmap.


Our Fractional CXOs will provide continuous coaching and will help your senior-level management decrease their workload. By focusing on the strategic direction for the company, our executives will create a huge impact in reaching your business objectives.

Get started quickly

Hiring a full-time CXO is costly as well as time-consuming. A fractional CXO is a quick way to get on the growth pathway. We help you achieve this at a lightning speed with our network of executives,  ready to come on board when you are.


Our CMO has stepped down are we are unable to find a replacement. How can you help?

We would suggest hiring an interim CMO for the time being. This way, you can continue to focus on running the business without taking on additional duties. Your "Rightfit" CXO will allow you the time you need to find the right leadership without rushing.

We have a RightFit CXO in place, but now we want to discontinue. How does that work?

Yes, you can. You can decide to discontinue by giving appropriate notice, or you can even have our fractional CXO continue on retainer to help provide guidance and management coaching as needed.