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We help your organization win in an ever-changing competitive landscape by using the superior capabilities of AI and ML.

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Maximize profits by streamlining your industrial workflows

The adoption of AI and automation offers many benefits like capital efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and other measurable outcomes. Companies that use machine learning and AI can boost their bottom line and save costs.
Our expertise lies in developing AI-powered solutions that help businesses optimize current processes, streamline workflows, speed decision-making, and align their teams. We can assist you in scaling your company goals with agility and speed.

Codvo Enterprise AI for industrial markets

We construct machine learning models that integrate with your current workflows to produce scalable solutions using an agile methodology. Our data scientists, product managers, and engineers collaborate with you to uncover opportunities and design the best AI-enabled solution possible.

As Enterprise AI experts, we can help you with

AI-based Cloud Infrastructure & MLOps

We help enterprises and startups set up, scale, and manage single, multi, or hybrid cloud infrastructures to deploy AI solutions at scale with our structured MLOps methodology. Our strategic alliances with leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer our clients strategic expertise and scale benefits. With data governance based on AI/MLOps and a serverless tech stack, we are here to help our clients accelerate the adoption of AI solutions.

We embrace and use MLOps to build and grow AI applications. To organize and manage the demands of AI, we leverage a combination of machine learning methodologies, dev ops, data engineering skills, accelerators, procedures, and tools.

Data Engineering 

We orchestrate, organize, and allow businesses to navigate zettabytes of structured and unstructured data. Enterprises may create competitive differentiation in the era of digital and AI by using our structured data governance methods to mitigate the risk of data problems.  

Our Data Engineering solutions deliver a unified data platform allowing enterprises to build data-driven applications for actionable insights. With easy execution of data mining and exploratory analysis, we empower AI models to help you increase revenue, enhance profitability, and strengthen customer satisfaction.

Applied AI Solutions

Our comprehensive Applied AI offerings focus on data, domain, technology, cloud, and science to provide exponential business returns and assist enterprises in launching strategic AI projects. We will help you get immediate access to accelerators and solutions that enable you to rapidly implement and scale AI solutions across many areas, including Marketing, Sales, Consumer, Digital, Commerce, and Supply Chain.

Intelligent Process Automation

Our Intelligent Process Automation helps companies bridge the gap between people-based operations and the promise of technology-driven automation. Our solutions focus on smart automation of broken or manual processes, dramatically minimizing process variability and shortening cycle times through automation.

Natural Language Solutions

We have extensive natural language experience, which we apply to help our customers extract tremendous value from their semi-structured and unstructured data. Our Natural Language solutions focus on the entire value chain – NLU (Natural Language Understanding), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and NLG (Natural Language Generation). Our solutions can decode insights from call center data, emails, and other text-based sources for deriving customer experience, product insights, brand experience, sales outcomes, agent efficacy, and other use cases.

Deep Learning

Get your software products and services to the market with fully tested functionalities and optimal performance. With our QA automation services, you can achieve unprecedented efficiency across your software lifecycle, providing highly scalable and thoroughly tested business services with each product release.

Computer Vision Solutions

We create the next generation of intelligent systems that can sense and comprehend the world around us. Our machine vision accelerators help businesses operationalize, gain insights, and scale machine vision applications for use cases in marketing, supply chain, commerce, and customer experience. Object recognition, content segmentation, and decoding events and activities within the material are among the IP and accelerators in our arsenal.

Conversational AI

We use Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Natural Language Generation (NLG) with Machine Learning while building Conversational AI solutions to provide profoundly context-aware insights. Question/Answer systems, Chatbots, Voice Assistants, and other applications have all benefited from delivery.