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We will be your trusted compliance and risk program advisor to deliver cost-effective technologies to reduce org-wide risk. Our expert consulting services supporting your tech teams bring security leadership to organizations of all sizes.

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Addressing CIS Top 20 Security Controls 

Simply being compliant is not enough to prevent assaults and safeguard your sensitive data. While there is no silver bullet for security, switching from a compliance-driven strategy toward a risk management approach based on real-world efficacy can help firms lower the risk of intrusion. Implementing the CIS top 20 key security measures is an excellent method to safeguard your company against some of the most prevalent threats. We take your security seriously and help you address the CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls. We help you with inventory and control of hardware and software assets, vulnerability management, Administrative Privileges Control, secure configuration for hardware and software, audit logs monitoring, email and web browser protections, malware defences, network ports control, data recovery, secure configuration, boundary defense, data protection, access control, security awareness training Program, incident and response management.

ISO 27001 Implementation

Implement ISO 27001 effortlessly with Codvo. We have unrivaled experience in undertaking and successfully implementing ISO 27001 in your organization. Our seasoned experts can help you obtain ISO 27001 Certification to reduce the risk of data breaches, cybercrimes, and cyberattacks. Make sure your IT infrastructure is secure by establishing data security today. We help you with 100% security checklist coverage with accredited audit partners to enable end-to-end automated zero-touch audits.

24*7 SOC 

Every company should have a 24/7 SOC, but setting one up in-house may be complex and costly. The cybersecurity skills gap makes it challenging to recruit and retain competent SOC analysts and incident response team members (forensics specialists, malware analysts, etc.). Furthermore, obtaining, maintaining, and licensing cybersecurity equipment may be costly and time-consuming and necessitates qualified staff. Partnering with us will be a cost-effective way for deploying the security that an organization needs. Protect your IT assets, network, and cloud infrastructure by avoiding unintended consequences.

Cyber dangers are growing with new attack vectors coming up daily. With the complexity of cloud infrastructure and SaaS apps, cybersecurity knowledge and implementation are critical for organizations. Choose the right partner to stay ahead of the curve.

24*7 IT and Logistics Support 

We provide our clients with round-the-clock IT support and logistics. With proactive maintenance of your IT systems, we keep problems to a minimum and maintain optimal uptime and productivity. When a cybersecurity crisis occurs, you can count on us to respond quickly and fix the problem.