App, Web, and API Development

Building the products of the future

Following the best practices and trends, we will develop websites and apps with a stunning visual design and 100% usability. delivers online products following an agile approach so you are left with so much time to market. We go above and beyond in providing full support even after your website or app goes live.

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Full Stack Development

You are covered from front to back-end development

From the analysis, design, and implementation of automation build and deployment pipelines, we’ll do it so you don’t have to.   By employing peripheral technologies, JavaScript frameworks, and web server tools,  you will have your fully operational and customer-centric app or website in no time.
Our development stacks include Python Full Stack, LAMP, and MEAN.
✓ App Development  
✓ Web Development
✓ Progressive Web Development

API Development and Integration

Secure and optimize your apps with APIs

Deploying APIs effectively leads to seamless user experience, modern business processes, and the inevitable growth of your business. Using high-end software, from REST to GraphQL, we can build new APIs for you, optimizing both their performance and security.

Our APIs also have the capacity to:  
✓ Extend customer reach  
✓ Support marketing and sales activities  
✓ Simplify app integration

Content Management Systems

Optimize your web presence with CMS development services

If you’re finding it hard to keep your website up and running, don’t look past for help. We cover all things CMS related, helping you whether you need a custom CMS platform or solutions like Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress. Our team of developers can work within your budget and deliver outputs with the capacity to improve your ROI.

Enterprise Integration

Automate your business processes to the greatest extent possible 

By integrating your APIs with third-party and internal systems, you will be setting your business up for scale, security, and success. Our developers are highly experienced in using integration platforms such as Jitterbit, Dell Boomi, and Oracle Integration Cloud to collate data for better efficiency and interconnect all your apps, data repositories, and IT systems.
✓ API Strategy
✓ Microservices
✓ REST and GraphQL APIs
✓ Data Transformation and Integration
✓ API Management and API Portals  


A large US bank’s risk, fraud, and CLI teams leveraged AWS Cloud EC2 to increase operational efficiencies. An inconsistent ML operating model has been a major concern so we architected an open-source solution. This resulted in comprehensive dataset access across teams and consistent data sharing.

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A cloud-native enterprise web portal was created to help the app team of a large US media company in generating anomaly reports. The developers worked on a web-based UI to select desired anomaly metrics and thresholds. Cloud-based infrastructure, AWS, and Influx DB were employed to improve the portal’s resilience and agility.

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A large health care non-profit struggled to maintain its physician platform used by over 1 million physicians. We assisted in modernizing its directory system, transforming it as a platform as a service (PaaS). Following API-driven approaches, customer data schemas and databases were improved in terms of accessibility and accuracy.  

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We need a cloud-based app developed as soon as possible, can you help?

Absolutely! We have in-house SMEs, program managers, and solutions architects to help you with the project. For agile delivery, we can tap into our global pool of talents comprised of experts in the fields of enterprise AI, cloud, and hybrid IT.

How can we reduce production costs for a new website?

If your new website has few components and isn’t that complex, the overall cost can be kept at a minimum. This doesn’t mean though that you should only opt for a simple website. Our fixed-priced model allows you to tie up with experts who value your specific needs and budget range, resulting in a flexible and functional product.

We need a cloud-native application architect (but only for a few months), can you help?

Yes, we’ll connect you to the person who can cater to your exact needs. If you find yourself needing more than one person or a global team of experts for a certain period of time/scope-based projects, we can also help!

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