Cloud Services

Big savings for businesses of all sizes delivers a cloud solution on software-defined infrastructure (SDI) that grows with your business. Our cloud offerings include cloud monitoring and management as well as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS via a cloud service platform. These allow you to cut on physical resources, access data anywhere, increase security, and drive innovation.  

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Cloud Migration

Move to the cloud with confidence

Your company’s adaptability to the cloud will be analyzed so we can help you find the best-fitting platforms. Through in-depth TCO analysis via tools like AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and GCP, we can create a supporting cloud architecture based on your requirements, handle the deployment, and test the new cloud environment.
✓ Data Migrations/App Data Migrations Only  
✓ Application, DB, and Data Migrations  
✓ Instance/Image Migration  
✓ Migration to Managed Cloud    

Multi-Cloud Support

Roam through the clouds with ample support

Our team is on-hand to help you manage and monitor four or more cloud platforms at your disposal. Using a multi-cloud strategy, you can select, mix, and maximize various cloud services from the most reliable vendors — Google Cloud, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more.
✓ Jenkins as a Service
✓ Docker as a Service
✓ Kubernetes as a Service

Managed Amazon Web Services

Access reliable AWS experience and skills

Get more time to focus on your business by allowing us to handle your cloud environment, all while securing and maintaining it on your behalf. will unburden you from infrastructure set up and operations as our services cover:  
✓ AWS Landing Zone  
✓ Enterprise operating model  
✓ Cost optimization  
✓ Infrastructure management  

Cloud Security

Stay in the cloud safe and sound

For a more seamless cloud experience and environment, our cloud management and security solutions make a great combination. Our cloud experts can support you in deploying a secure architecture via security monitoring, data protection, policy management, vulnerability management, and consulting services.
✓ Identity and Access Management
✓ Data Loss Prevention
✓ Web Security Intrusion Management
✓ Security Assessments


A large mortgage loan company used to have a “one-size-fits-all operational model that wasn’t able to meet its growing demands. As such, we architected a unified hybrid cloud built on Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) based SDI. The company’s overall agility and resilience were improved via cloud-based infrastructure, microservices, and Kubernetes.

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An on-premise B2B application with demanding workstreams had to be migrated to a multi-cloud infrastructure. The solution leveraged the power of AWS Lambda, Google Cloud GKE, Azure ADFS, and On-Premise which resulted in rapid workstreams, less interruption in existing services, and minimized costs.

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Which applications can run in the cloud?

Literally any app that can be accessed by multiple people or devices would be in the cloud. Netflix was one popular example of this as they had their entire infrastructure on AWS. Your smartphone is also a great source to find apps that run in the cloud such as Google sheets and docs.

Once I start using cloud service, am I locked in with a particular vendor?

Technically, no. You can leave a vendor if their service did not meet your standards. However, the cost of doing so is high because many cloud providers charge a fee when customers take their data or apps out of the cloud.

How can I handle traditional software licensing in the world of cloud?

If you have existing software licenses you want to move to the cloud, this can be done via Oracle and IBM’s program called Bring Your Own Software and License (BYOSL). Numerous vendors are now, in fact, modifying their agreements to allow license mobility. To fully maximize the use of your cloud environment, utilizing a subscription licensing model is also recommended.

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