Enterprise AI

Build promising software faster than other companies

Embedding artificial intelligence (AI) methodology into the core of your business won’t be hard with Codvo.ai.  Using high-level AI frameworks, we can mine structured and unstructured data, render new business insights, and help you with the following:  
✓ payment fraud detection risk management
✓ customer acquisition
✓ cross-sell and up-sell  
✓ best-fit recommendations
✓ predictive maintenance
✓ asset management

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Algorithm Design

Take your business to the next level with algorithm advances

By identifying your key enterprise problems, we can create a basic AI framework as a solution. Through experiments, we will determine if the written codes produce acceptable results. Our global talent pool incorporates the latest mathematical breakthroughs into every work, resulting in smart algorithms and fully-automated infrastructure.

Data & Analytics

Allocate your resources better with data and analytics

Whether you need help with conceptual, logical, or physical data models, your exact needs will be valued. Our AI natives assemble and review ERDs to identify infrastructure incompatibilities. We also provide analytics services to help you examine large chunks of data and make sense of correlations, patterns, and other insights.

Amazon & Azure ML

Solve key business challenges with machine learning

You can simplify and streamline your forecasting process, anomaly detection, and spam filtering with our machine learning solutions. We use Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure to handle the creation and deployment of ML models for your enterprise. Our expertise further extends to creating innovative solutions via open source libraries and automation frameworks.

Chatbot Development

Complete more tasks with AI chatbots

AI solutions, coupled with neuro linguistic programming and ML technologies, can deploy bots with out-of-this-world skills to your business. They can handle multiple languages, provide a live agent takeover, and answer to user requests. We also have solutions architects that can develop bots for service buying, financial support, event reminders, and more.

NLP Apps

Enrich customer interactions with Natural Language Processing (NLP)-powered apps

Integrate NLP capabilities to your IoT devices, bots, and apps for enhanced market intelligence, customer service, and sentiment analysis. Codvo.ai leverages promising AI and linguistics tools to develop powerful NLP apps with astounding features such as emotion classification, speech recognition, and language translation.


Specialty Care Connect — an AI-based referral engine — was developed for a healthcare recommendation company to address challenges in matching patients with the appropriate specialists. Using AI and ML-driven data science, ineffective referrals, delayed care, and other gaps in quality special care were minimized.

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We helped a healthcare practice management services company build and upscale its data infrastructure to improve decision-making on a day-to-day basis. Statistical models and algorithms were created and optimized so teams would be empowered to use data-driven insights to make strategic decisions.

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A fintech startup leveraged AI and third-party vendor services to create an enterprise bot that automates customer verification, credit-score evaluation, and KYC processes. The app was launched in the Google Play Store and has helped users apply for loans ever since.

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What is the potential use case for AI in an enterprise setting?  

AI-powered assistants in an enterprise can be deployed through telephony channels, mobile apps, or web chat to provide real-time customer service. Enterprise AI can also be used to create a single point of entry to access different services and perform a variety of tasks.

What is the overall cost of an AI project?

The true cost of AI projects is hard to estimate since businesses have varying requirements, scope, and failure probability. An AI gone wrong will cost you a lot — hence why it’s best to consult and work with AI natives to get a clearer picture, price-wise.

How do we measure ROI from Enterprise AI investments?

For successful measurement, you must define key performance indicators (KPIs), conduct a benchmark comparison, and monitor changes in AI models overtime. Our team of coders, visionaries, orchestrators, and AI natives is knowledgeable in every step and can guide you along the way.

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