Testing Services

Build promising software faster than other companies

Reduce your testing costs through automated tests. Our programs will test your programs, resulting in quicker and more accurate software development than ever.    

Our combination of manual and automated testing means that all your business needs will be covered, from security, functional, regression, RPA/API, to usability tests. End result? A deployment pipeline with better agility.  

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Manual Testing

Start manually when uncovering bugs and improprieties  

For certain functionalities that can’t be tested automatically, you should opt for manual testing. We’ll detect the bottlenecks of your IT product during unprecedented stressful conditions and make adjustments. We also specialize in conducting manual tests that focus on the user interface and product usability.
✓ White Box Testing
✓ Black Box Testing
✓ Gray Box Testing

Testing Automation

Modernize your testing processes through AI

For the successful assessment of your enterprise software UI, testing automation is key. Our service is best for test cases that need to be repeated over a long period of time and is a viable option to reduce human error. We can develop and run automated test scripts for regression, performance, and load testing among others.
✓ Unit level automation
✓ API testing automation
✓ UI Testing Automation

Testing for AI

Modernize your testing processes through AI

Through continuous testing with AI, you can increase your capacity to complete iterations in two weeks or less without compromising on the user experience. By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, we reduce human effort, repetitive work, inconsistencies, and the costs associated with software testing.
✓ AI-driven testing
✓ Testing AI systems
✓ Self-testing systems

Security Testing

Target software vulnerabilities through accurate security testing

Apart from uncovering weak spots, you can prepare for software input attacks, faulty process validation, and information leakage attacks through security testing. We also conduct intrusive, penetration, and benchmark tests to secure your products and improve quality assurance processes over time.
✓ Vulnerability Scanning
✓ Penetration Testing
✓ Security Audit


A large US bank needed a container orchestrated platform on AWS EC2 that seamlessly integrates with their machine learning models. We architected a Kubernetes solution and multiple clusters with various features across different AWS accounts. This helped risk, fraud, and CLI teams run stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

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A large US media company required a cloud-based, self-service web portal that provides anomaly detection-as-a-service. We developed the said portal which generates reports based on a series of metrics and in the form of a Grafana Dashboard. CI/CD pipelines for ML models were a key challenge but the end result showed improved agility in the enterprise web portal.

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Do I need regression testing?

Of course, you do. This is important to make sure that the bugs in your product have been fixed and that no new issues were created as a result of the fixes.

Which of my apps need security testing?

It’s necessary that ALL of your apps undergo security testing if the budget allows. Nevertheless, you can take one step at a time and start by running security tests for mobile apps. This is advisable as several large enterprises reportedly experienced cyberattacks via mobile.

Does every software project need testers?

Absolutely! Otherwise, you risk the security, reliability, and quality of your software. A series of tests (manual and automated) shouldn’t be ignored as they are a key part of the QA cycle.

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