We are an empathy-led technology services company, where software and people transformations go hand-in-hand. Our core DNA consists of product innovation and mature software engineering, that is backed by our core values- Respect, Fairness, Growth, Agility, and Inclusiveness.
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Our Vision

Be a modern platform that fuels scalable digital future while earning high-trust of its customers and team members.

Our Mission

Codvo's mission is to be a modern hyper-growth advanced tech services company that is remote-first from the ground up, is obsessed with dazzling its customers, finds purpose in employee inclusion, pride, satisfaction, and growth, and attracts global right-fit talent at scale through its innovations, culture, and brand.
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A Preferred Partner for Clients
We develop software that will deliver valuable outcomes for our customers. This is achieved by empathizing with a customer's objectives and key results (OKRs). We care deeply about our clients, and we try to look beyond their immediate needs. During our partnership, we strive to bring forth our customer’s OKRs into reality. A client who works with us once will prefer us over others, and we aim for that in every engagement.
The Tech-Revolution
We believe in harmony between the infrastructure and approach when it comes to technology. If any of them are imbalanced, it can put you a few steps back in your transformations. We strike the right balance and show our clients the revolution that technology can bring when approached optimally. We not only influence our internal Codvo family members to make the best of technology but also inspire our clients to use it to its potential.
Fair Future
Our People are our heartbeat, and they make us who we are. We believe in an equitable future which implies equal opportunities, adequate chances, and appropriate treatment. We continuously educate ourselves on the issues and causes that matter to us. Our values encourage everyone in our family to see a situation from the perspective of the most vulnerable.
Diverse and Vibrant Community
When you engage with Codvo as a client or an employee, you will notice two things: a professional working environment and a diverse pool of people and culture that works hand-in-hand towards a singular objective. We believe that for an organization that prioritizes people, 'Respect' is of great importance and no matter who you are or how you identify, you deserve respect and empathy.

The Values we live by

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Respecting customers and their expectations starts by respecting yourself.


Ideas are heard and accepted, and talent can flourish.


Put yourself in the shoes of your customers or peers and provide solutions.


Strive to be outstanding in your deliverables, conduct and communication.


Equal opportunities, adequate chances, and appropriate treatment.


We actively work not only for the future of technology but also for our people


Irrespective of your gender, race, country, religion, we will believe in you.


Short cycles of planning, action and feedback for better adaptability.
Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through the early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
- The Agile Manifesto

Our Leadership

We take pride in developing our people to help them attain their potential. Our leadership is continuously working on empowering people and helping them make a positive impact. Not only do we build our people, but our people build us too. Even though we are a software company, our best assets are not our products nor our services, but it’s our people.