Case studies

Optimizing Salesforce CRM Processes for a Leading B2B Commerce Firm

About the client

The client is a prominent leader in the marketing and commerce industry, specializing in helping construction companies reach new milestones. Their expertise encompasses a wide range of services, from customer acquisition to distribution expansion and product launches.

The client's innovative approach merges traditional marketing strategies with cutting-edge technology, aiming to optimize engagement and boost overall revenue. Their dynamic, multi-channel campaigns make them an industry trailblazer.


In a dynamic and highly competitive landscape, the marketing and commerce sector demands efficient processes and data management systems. A comprehensive tech stack, including Salesforce integrated with the Five9 Call Center and DOMO, is employed to manage, and drive customer acquisition, sales, and engagement through emails, voice, and digital strategies. This enables the execution of omni-channel campaigns and proficient management of professional data sets. A Salesforce Admin is designated to handle various responsibilities such as system maintenance, data management, security standards, user license management, training, and system upgrades, ensuring that the organization's requirements are met meticulously.

Business Challenge

The client frequently encountered obstacles in data mapping and managing duplicate records, which are critical aspects of their operation. These challenges were compounded by user login problems, process automation failures, and integration issues due to access restrictions based on user roles in the system. Additionally, the application underwent seasonal updates, which necessitated regular system upgrades. These recurring issues not only hindered the seamless operation of the system but also posed significant challenges in maintaining data integrity, ensuring user accessibility, and achieving process automation. Overcoming these challenges was crucial for the client to ensure operational efficiency and achieve their business objectives.

Our Approach and Solution

Our approach was meticulously designed to address the multifaceted challenges faced by the client. Central to our strategy was the implementation of robust data modeling, ensuring real-time operation of all subsets and preventing data discrepancies. External IDs were utilized for mapping, and stringent rules were established to avoid system redundancies. Additionally, we created comprehensive user manuals, accessible within the application, to assist end-users and minimize login and automation issues. Admins were kept informed about system releases and guided to provide apt solutions and enhancements for each new requirement or integration. This holistic approach ensured smooth operation, streamlined user experience, and optimized overall business operations.

Tech Stack

The tech stack included Salesforce integrated with the Five9 Call Center and DOMO.


Business Impact

The integration of advanced tech solutions had a profound impact on the client's operations and overall business outcomes.
By meticulously addressing data discrepancies, streamlining user experiences, and ensuring smooth system operations, we enhanced user satisfaction and optimized operational efficiency.
The provision of user manuals and continuous updates on system releases empowered the admins to provide timely solutions and enhancements for every new requirement or integration.
The client could effectively run omni-channel campaigns, manage professional data sets, and coordinate user license management, training, and system upgrades.
Ultimately, this led to improved customer acquisition, expanded distribution, increased engagement, and a boost in revenue, contributing significantly to the client's success.