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Retail Success Python SDK Revolutionizes Payment Solutions for Business Growth

About the client

The client, a renowned online payment solution provider, was looking to develop a Python Software Development Kit (SDK) using its existing API contracts (Connect & V3).

The intent was to provide an easy-to-integrate, secure, and highly reliable payment solution for the client's retailers’ and partners' backend systems.

Overview team was engaged to create an SDK that abstracted low-level API details and provided a simplified interface, ensuring secure communication between Python applications and the client's APIs. In addition, the plan was to expand this SDK to support PHP, NodeJS, .NET-based applications, making the platform more versatile and widely used.

Business Challenge

The main challenge was to build an SDK that provided high-level function-based communication, integrated easily with various Python applications, and was secure. Other challenges included implementing retry mechanisms for handling transient errors, optimizing to reduce the number of requests sent to the API server, and supporting customer verification, pre-approval, origination, and post-origination scenarios. Additional complexities were ensuring regulatory and standards compliance (e.g., PII, GDPR) and providing versioning support to avoid breaking changes.

Our Approach and Solution team began with a thorough analysis of the client's API contract to finalize the supported APIs for the SDK. The next steps involved designing and developing the SDK while focusing on error handling, implementing retry and backoff mechanisms, and optimizing techniques to reduce the number of requests to the API server.

The team implemented robust authentication mechanisms to guarantee secure communication and ensured the SDK's compliance with relevant regulations. They also have built-in support for customer verification and lookup, pre-approval, origination, and post-origination scenarios.

The SDK has developed following the Python development best practices, such as adherence to PEP 8 style guidelines, use of meaningful variable and function names, and implementation of automated testing.

The team provided clear documentation, code samples, and examples to aid in integration. The SDK supported versioning to avoid breaking changes and ensure long-term compatibility.

Tech Stack


Business Impact

The delivery of the Python SDK source code, unit and integration tests, comprehensive documentation, code samples, examples, and deployment package had a profound business impact.

The client could offer an intuitive and secure payment solution that was easily integrable, enhancing the client's business capabilities and market reach.

Retailers and partners could now seamlessly integrate the client's payment solution into their backend systems, leading to increased adoption of the client's payment solution.
The robustness of the SDK in handling errors and exceptions, maintaining security, and ensuring compliance significantly enhanced system reliability and user trust.
The successful completion of the Python SDK has paved the way for future expansions into PHP, NodeJS, and .NET applications, thus promising a wider audience to reach and potential business growth for the client.