Case studies

Unlock Your Fintech Potential with Codvo's Salesforce & AWS Integration for Marketing Success

About the client

Our client, a pioneering B2B fintech firm, stands at the forefront of delivering innovative financial solutions tailored specifically for businesses. Within the fiercely competitive fintech industry, they are celebrated for their unwavering commitment to enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction through technological innovation.

The company's ethos centers around leveraging advanced technology to streamline operations, thereby ensuring the delivery of exceptional services to their clients. This dedication to combining financial services with state-of-the-art technology has cemented their reputation as leaders in the fintech space, continuously seeking ways to revolutionize business financial solutions for enhanced customer experiences.


In a strategic collaboration aimed at overcoming key challenges in marketing and customer engagement, partnered with a leading B2B fintech company to harness the power of Salesforce and AWS solutions. Faced with data silos, inefficient call management, and the need for scalability and modernization, the project focused on integrating Amazon Connect along with other AWS services to streamline operations. This transformative approach not only enhanced data management and customer interaction but also positioned the client for future growth, leveraging technology to achieve greater efficiency, engagement, and satisfaction in their marketing campaigns and customer service efforts.

Business Challenge

The client faced several obstacles that hindered the optimization of their marketing strategies and customer service operations:

  • Data Silos in Salesforce & Other Sources: Valuable customer data was dispersed across various platforms, including Salesforce, making it difficult to obtain a unified customer view and execute coherent marketing campaigns.
  • Inefficient Call Management: The company needed an advanced system to manage inbound and outbound calls across multiple contact centers, a crucial element for tracking and optimizing customer interactions.
  • Scalability and Modernization: A key objective was to modernize their marketing operations with the latest technology to ensure scalability and adaptability to future growth and data source evolutions.

Our Approach and Solution

The Codvo team embarked on a comprehensive strategy to revitalize the client's marketing and customer service frameworks. Central to this transformation was the deployment of Amazon Connect, complemented by a suite of AWS and Salesforce solutions, to address the client's challenges effectively:

  • We utilized data from Salesforce, Redpoint, and Amazon RDS to enhance customer insights and campaign segmentation, ensuring robust scalability and security within the AWS Cloud.
  • Amazon Rekognition was employed to analyze customer sentiment, enabling targeted marketing efforts through advanced propensity models.
  • Redpoint facilitated automated ETL jobs, streamlining data preparation and workflow efficiency.
  • Amazon Connect was pivotal in managing both inbound and outbound calls, equipped with real-time analytics for enhanced customer interaction tracking.
  • Communication capabilities were further enriched by integrating Twilio and Prokeep, rounding off a comprehensive solution centered on Amazon Connect.

Our team took inspiration from AWS Connect Sample Architectures. The overall architecture was redesigned with client’s technical stack and Data flow in the following manner:

Tech Stack

The tech stack include: Amazon Connect, Rekognition, RDS, Salesforce, Prokeep, Twilio and Redpoint.


Business Impact

Enhanced Data Management: The integration of Salesforce with AWS services eradicated data silos, granting the client a holistic view of their customer base and enabling more effective marketing campaigns.
Optimized Call Management: With Amazon Connect, the client saw substantial improvements in managing customer calls, resulting in better engagement and satisfaction rates.
Scalability and Modernization Achieved: The modernized tech stack not only bolstered the client's marketing operations but also positioned them for future growth and adaptation to evolving market demands.