Case studies

Codvo’s Strategic Data Overhaul for a B2B Commerce Industry Leader

About the client

The client is a renowned entity in the B2B commerce sector, dedicated to aiding building companies in understanding and marketing to trade professionals.

Known for their innovative approach, they offer a range of services from market analysis and strategy development to executing targeted marketing campaigns.


The project involved a complete revamp of the existing data management system, which was not meeting the expanding needs of their clients. The goal was to streamline the process of creating visualization cards and dashboards on DOMO, a top-tier business intelligence tool. This involved managing and building datasets more efficiently and optimizing data workflows to enable quicker, data-driven decisions, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and overall business performance.

Business Challenge

The client faced challenges with a complex and labor-intensive manual data management process, making it difficult for analysts to create insightful dashboards. This inefficiency led to delays in extracting actionable insights, affecting timely decision-making across various departments and increasing the risk of human errors and inaccuracies in data interpretation and outcomes. These challenges were becoming a significant bottleneck, hindering the organization's ability to operate efficiently and make informed decisions.

Our Approach and Solution

To address the client's challenges, our team devised a comprehensive approach focused on efficiency and automation. We implemented ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes within DOMO to refine and structure raw data into actionable insights. This involved extracting raw data from the client's Relational Data Warehouse (RDW), transforming it into a cleaner, more organized format, and loading it onto DOMO. Additionally, we automated the transfer of these organized datasets from RDW to DOMO using DOMO Workbench, eliminating manual data transfer, streamlining data workflows, and facilitating easier management of large data volumes. This approach drastically reduced manual tasks in data preparation and visualization, enabling the client's analysts to focus on more strategic activities.

Tech Stack

The technology stack was meticulously chosen to meet the client’s needs, comprising SQL for data management, DOMO for visualization and dashboard creation, and Excel for additional data manipulation and analysis.


Business Impact

The automation and streamlining of the data management process had a profound impact on the client's operations.
By reducing the manual work required in managing datasets and creating dashboards, analysts were able to focus more on analyzing the data rather than spending time on data preparation.
This led to a significant reduction in decision-making time, enabling the client to respond more quickly to changes in the market.
The reduction in manual tasks also led to a decrease in human errors, resulting in more accurate and reliable dashboards and insights.
The project enhanced operational efficiency, enabling the client to make faster, more informed decisions, which is crucial in the dynamic and competitive landscape they operate in.