Case studies

Streamline AWS Infrastructure & Cut Costs FinTech’s Disaster Recovery & New Relic Blend

About the client

The client is a leading US-based FinTech platform that provides financial solutions to individuals and businesses.

The company had a significant infrastructure in AWS that was growing rapidly.


The client had been managing their infrastructure manually, which resulted in operational inefficiencies, high maintenance costs, slow delivery of applications, and other challenges. The client approached to help automate their infrastructure creation and maintenance, create CICD pipelines for faster application delivery, continuously monitor their infrastructure for performance and availability, and reduce their AWS billing costs.

Business Challenge

The client's significant infrastructure in AWS was managed manually, which resulted in operational inefficiencies, high maintenance costs, slow delivery of applications, and poor performance. This posed a significant challenge for the client as they wanted to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deploy applications faster. In addition, they faced challenges in continuously monitoring their infrastructure for performance and availability and implementing a disaster recovery solution for business continuity.

Our Approach and Solution

To address the client's challenges, created a set of Terraform templates that automated the creation and maintenance of theclient's entire infrastructure. We integrated these templates with Jenkins for all AWS services, enabling automated deployments and audit trails. We also created CICD pipelines in Jenkins and deployed applications using Terraform scripts to all infrastructure, including EC2 and Lambda.

To ensure the quality of code before deployment, we integrated GitHub with Sonar Qube for code quality checks. To reduce AWS billing costs, we refactored certain services using Trusted Advisor and removed unwanted resources, leading to significant cost savings. To manage Disaster recovery, our team created another set of applications in a different region to ensure high availability of the infrastructure, reducing downtime for the client in case of disasters. We also integrated AWS with New Relic to continuously monitor the infrastructure's performance and get notified via PagerDuty in case the thresholds are exceeded.

Tech Stack


Business Impact


Our solution enabled the client to proactively address issues and improve overall system performance.
By automating infrastructure creation and maintenance, the client could deploy applications faster and reduce operational inefficiencies.
The implementation of disaster recovery solutions ensured business continuity, and the integration of New Relic provided continuous monitoring of the infrastructure for performance and availability.
Our solution also resulted in significant cost savings for the client by reducing their AWS billing costs. Overall, the client achieved significant benefits from the implemented solution.