How it works?

Remote work is the future. Tech talent in the world is sitting all across, and at Codvo, we make it easy for you to build your tech team in just a few simple steps. We follow the "Rightfit" methodology to find the best match between our developers and our clients so that there is a strong synergy to promote exponential growth.
Our team will understand your requirement and the kind of development work you have, and then your account manager will run our "Rightfit" model to find your team.
Our team will also understand your business pain points across various meetings and then prepare a plan of action which includes deliverables, defining metrics, and skill needs.
It's one of the most critical steps as it defines evaluation metrics for our deliverables. At the onset of any engagement, we set up OKRs to drive better accountability and set expectations.
Create Team
Upon alignment on all the above steps, we bring the Codvo team onboard for you, and the engagement begins with the first two weeks as complimentary.