Case studies

Transform Wealth Management Boost Efficiency, Delight Users

About the client

Our client is a prominent wealth management platform that delivers comprehensive financial planning services. Their diverse range of solutions encompasses areas such as investment management, estate and tax planning, accounting, and retirement planning.

The platform targets Wealth Advisors globally, aspiring to boost their operational efficiency, provide superior client experiences, streamline business growth, and enable efficient partner channel management with economic advantages.


The client operates a state-of-the-art digital wealth management platform tailored for global Wealth Advisors. The platform encapsulates a myriad of financial planning services ranging from investment management to retirement planning. Recognizing the importance of evolution in the digital landscape, regular platform updates are integral, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, deliver unparalleled client experiences, and foster robust business growth. Such updates not only refine existing features but also incorporate new functionalities, ensuring that the platform remains at the forefront of innovation and comprehensiveness in the wealth management sector.

Business Challenge

Given its vast userbase of global Wealth Advisors, it was paramount for the platform to be agile and responsive to user demands. This required crucial enhancements in modules like the Prospect and Client Member Modules and the Workflow Module. Additionally, there was a pressing need to refine features such as Risk Managed Service, Legacy Planning, Managed Accounts, and more. Enhancing the platform's search capabilities to be faster and more precise was another critical challenge.

Our Approach and Solution

Through the synergy of modern frameworks, the team embarked on a technical journey to revamp the platform:

  • Refined the Prospect Module: Utilized a modular design pattern to seamlessly incorporate dynamic updates for client data fields like names and addresses, ensuring flexibility and ease of maintenance.
  • Overhauled the Client Member Module: Implemented ORM(Object-Relational Mapping) strategies to accommodate changes in naming conventions and effortlessly introduce new fields like gender and religious affiliations, preserving existing data relationships.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Employed a state-driven design to embed a step verifier and design new workflow types, resulting in automated, smooth task transitions.
  • Optimized Features: Embraced a microservices architecture for scalability, refining features such as Risk Managed Service, Legacy Planning, and Managed Accounts. Additionally, we developed RESTful APIs to manage client suitability and connections, enabling real-time data exchange.
  • Integrated Advanced Search: Incorporated ElasticSearch with a cluster configuration, empowering distributed search capabilities for swift and precise data retrieval across modules and fields.

Tech Stack

Tech stack used are: React.js, Nest.js, ElasticSearch, NodeJS, Postgres, InfluxDB.


Business Impact

The platform's recent enhancements led to a marked surge in operational efficiency.
Wealth Advisors globally now enjoy a more tailored and enriched user experience.
The intuitive features enable advisors to adeptly manage client demands, catalyzing potential business growth.
The newly integrated global search feature has notably reduced information retrieval time, significantly boosting overall productivity.
The platform has further established itself as an industry-leading digital solution, setting new standards in wealth management efficiency and user satisfaction.