Case studies

Elevating Decision-Making From Manual Data Processing to Power BI Excellence

About the client

Our client, a renowned titan in the global energy sector, is deeply involved in the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of oil and gas. As one of the world's most valuable entities in the energy domain, they consistently venture towards the integration of avant-garde digital solutions to reinforce their market dominance.

With a steadfast commitment to operational superiority and meticulous asset management, they have a keen focus on leveraging contemporary technologies to further optimize their expansive energy infrastructure.

Overview partnered with our client to overhaul their data analysis process. Initially, the company's analytics were tethered to manual, excel-based methods, which were cumbersome and time-intensive. Recognizing the inefficiencies, the partnership aimed to transition these outdated practices to a modern, streamlined Power BI system. This project was not merely an update; it was a complete transformation, setting the foundation for superior data visualization and actionable insights.

Business Challenge

Our client, firmly established in the energy landscape, found themselves at a crossroads. Their existing systems, predominantly Excel-driven, were becoming increasingly untenable considering escalating data complexities and the scale of their operations. Relying on these manual and labour-intensive processes led to a bottleneck in insights generation. The challenges extended beyond mere data entry; the traditional methods lacked the dynamic capabilities to visualize and interpret intricate data patterns. As a result, they faced considerable lag in drawing actionable insights, causing delays in pivotal business decisions. This posed a risk of them falling behind in a fast-paced, technology-driven industry where timely and accurate data-driven decisions are paramount.

Our Approach and Solution

To comprehensively address the client's challenges, embarked on a multi-phased strategy:

  1. Data Architecture Design: We began by understanding the existing data landscape, identifying key data sources, and outlining the structure. This ensured that our data models would be both robust and aligned with the client's specific needs.
  2. Data Modeling: Our team meticulously developed data "cubes" that connected all objects, respecting their cardinalities. Crucial calculations, whether they were calculated columns or measures, were seamlessly integrated at this juncture, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.
  3. Power BI Integration: Post data modeling, we integrated these models into Power BI using a live connection. This pivotal step allowed for the creation of responsive and intuitive reports, enriched with functionalities like drill down, bookmarks, and drill through. This comprehensive approach ensured that the client received an analytical tool tailored to provide maximum insights and usability.

Tech Stack

The solution hinged on a reliable tech stack, specifically Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services), and Power BI.


Business Impact

Upon transitioning to Power BI, spearheaded by Codvo's expertise, the client witnessed a profound enhancement in their data analysis capabilities.
Post-implementation not only did the efficiency of their analytical platform magnify, but the client was also equipped with refined tools that furnished both detailed and summarized data views seamlessly.
The time once expended on data analysis was significantly reduced, accelerating decision-making processes.
This newfound agility transformed their operational dynamics, allowing them to navigate the competitive landscape with increased precision and proactive strategy.