Case studies

Secure and Efficient Codvo Migrates Azure K8s to Private Networks, Zero Downtime

About the client

Our client is a leading enterprise AI platform company providing cutting-edge solutions to various industries.

Their platform uses machine learning algorithms and advanced data analytics to help companies gain insights, automate processes, and make better business decisions.


The client had Azure Kubernetes clusters created in public networks, posing a significant security concern. The challenge was to move allthe clusters to private networks without any downtime of their services. Additionally, they were finding it challenging to maintain and version control their Kubernetes clusters and Azure resources as they were created manually.

Business Challenge

The client's primary concern was the security of their Kubernetes clusters as they were in public networks, making them vulnerable to external threats. They needed to migrate the clusters to private networks to enhance their security posture. Furthermore, the manual creation of resources led to inconsistencies and made it difficult to manage the infrastructure efficiently. They required a solution that would enable them to manage their resources in a more controlled and efficient manner.

Our Approach and Solution

To address the client's challenge, we proposed an infrastructure as a code solution using Terraform to create Kubernetes clusters as private networks. Terraform is a cloud-agnostic infrastructure automation tool that makes it easier to maintain, version control, and deploy consistently across multiple environments.

We employed a blue-green deployment approach to ensure no downtime of the client's services during the migration to private networks. This Approach allowed us to create new private clusters that were fully tested and had high availability for all the client's services. Once the new clusters wereup and running, we switched traffic from the old public clusters to the new private clusters with no disruption to the client's services.

Tech Stack


Business Impact


The outcome of our solution was that all the client's Kubernetes clusters are now in private networks within VNets, enhancing their security posture.
The use of Terraform has made it easier to efficiently manage the code for building and versioning infrastructure against multi-cloud environments.
The client's services experienced no downtime during the migration to private networks, allowing them to continue to operate seamlessly.
The client can now manage their Kubernetes clusters and Azure resources more efficiently and with greater control over their infrastructure.
The client have also achieved a more secure infrastructure that meets their compliance requirements.

In conclusion, our solution has enabled the client to improve their infrastructure security, manage their resources efficiently, and achieve greater control over their infrastructure. The use of Terraform has simplified the management and version control of infrastructure as code, leading to more consistent deployments across multiple environments. With our solution, the client can continue to provide their customers with cutting-edge AI solutions with enhanced security and efficiency.