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Codvo's ISO 27001 Success 70% Incident Reduction in IT Services

About the client


Most organizations have disorganized and disjoined information security controls, and they are ad-hoc or reactive initiatives mostly. Without an Information Security Mechanism, your security controls would only address a few data security and will not be full-proof. One of the leading technology services companies was looking to establish a long-term risk management framework to strengthen the defense capabilities of their customers, and we worked with them to build the entire security initiative and execute it.

The company viewed security implementation as a cultural change and was keen on blending it with operations to scale naturally with the business. The client focuses on increasing enterprise market credibility and the trust of their customers in their business, accelerating existing security initiatives, and strengthening the security ecosystem to reduce the likelihood of future data security breaches. 

ISO 27001 Certification 

ISO 27001 certification will help the company ensure that its IT and non-IT assets will be safe and secure. Business continuity planning and physical security also needed beefing up. Here are some of the benefits of ISO 27001 Certification:  

Business Challenge

Instill strong security culture

The challenge was to instill a strong security culture in a rapidly growing company with many competing priorities. With the constant change in an organization that is continuously building and incorporating technology at a rapid pace, it becomes critical to blend in security in all processes so that it can grow and keep up with the speed of the business. 

The client also had a critical mission to ensure that the ever-increasing amount of user information amassed daily is secure and that personal information exposure is minimal. Finally, to enable its incredible growth, employees enjoyed a high level of autonomy and agility in the organization. We needed to maintain that culture while introducing better security governance, improved lead generation, and keeping an eye on data breaches caused by internal and external stakeholders due to process gaps and oversight in its operations. 

Our Approach and Solution

To help our tech customer be ISO27001 certified, we identified a robust, structured, and well-accredited information security management system for the company. 

We outlined two primary goals for the company- CIS TOP 20 and ISO 27001. The CIS Top 20 is a framework by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) that gives a detailed account of what to defend against cyber threats.

We found the best ISO 27001 Certification Body, and the consultant assisted us in understanding the ISO 27001 requirements and analyzing gaps in the processes so that we could work on closing any loops and becoming ISO compliant. 

Furthermore, internal and external audits were run and completed successfully. The company procures the ISO 27001 certification with a rigorous effort of almost 4-5 months.

Tech Stack


Business Impact

The client improves the process, strategy, and compliance with commercial, contractual, and legal terms. Security is now one of their key priorities at the organizational level. 

 Some of the industry's brightest security minds have joined the security team, which now has solely devoted response and adversarial simulation capabilities. 

The number of incidents reported in the last six months has seen a 70% decline compared to the previous period.
With greater transparency of potential information risk, trust scores improved and helped the company with customer retention and new business acquisition.
Additionally, the client improves the process, strategy, and compliance with commercial, contractual, and legal terms.
The client has increased its security investments and resources 5X in the few months.
the client was able to reduce information security incidents, leading to cost savings.