Case studies

Mobile App with Virtual Credit Card Integration for a Leading Fintech Company

About the client

Our client is a leading in-cart payment platform for retailers and consumers across the North American region.

Their consumer-centric focus and slick lease application and approval process ensure transparent and tailored payment terms and a great customer experience.


The client wants to-

-Empower consumers with its credit facility by having it available on as many retailers and merchant sites.

-Integrate complex data into its system to make informed business decisions and provide a great customer experience.

Business Challenge

Lack of omnichannel experience and safety

Most of the existing & potential customer base of the client is mobile-first. The fintech company saw the market opportunity in integrating Virtual Credit Cards with their mobile app for an omnichannel experience. Virtual credit cards are also safer as they better protect users from any data breach and pose less propensity to threats and attacks.

Lack of integration

However, there were limitations to integrating the payment system with merchants over the mobile app. Virtual Credit Cards are only available for utilization at check out while purchasing on the merchant site. So, all the merchant information also needed integration into the mobile app. Additionally, the fintech giant kept lease-to-own and non-leasable products on its platform without an ability to differentiate between them. They needed a way to identify which products are leasable or non-leasable.  

The client also wanted to use their mobile app to-
· Increase their merchant/ retailers base.
· Act as an independent solution to reduce the overhead of integrating multiple merchants.
· Offer an easy and more robust way to onboard merchants.

Our Approach and Solution

3-pronged strategy

Our team of subject matter experts (SMEs) and developers met the stakeholders to understand their requirements and analyzed the constraints of building the requisite solution. Our solution included a 3-pronged strategy, including a technology upgrade, UXrevamps, and mobile app feature enhancements. 

We modified their mobile app to support Virtual Credit Cards for in-cart credit extensibility for consumers and also integrated the app with various retailers. We also integrated the Content Full CMS system to fetch retailer details on the mobile app and create virtual stores within the app. It was further divided into categories and modified the VCC proxy to support mobile verification requests. We also built an AI Model to predict whether the product is leasable or not. Here are the solution highlights:

· Migration of current and new clients on the revamped mobile app with virtual credit cards extended during checkout.

 ·Integration of the Content Full CMS system to fetch retailer details on the mobile app.

·Built security layer and encrypted data that need to pass through APIs for added security

 ·Build an AI-based model to predict leasable or non-leasable products on the mobile app

Tech Stack


Business Impact

Launching the mobile app with integrated retailer support
More than 30% increase in sales 
200+ Merchants integrated into the mobile app 
Extending the use of VCC for non-supported merchants as well