Case studies

Boost Your Sales Seamless nopCommerce & OMS Integration with Codvo's Plugin

About the client

The client was a major furniture e-commerce retailer that managed orders from different sales channels.

They were using nopCommerce, a .NET-based system, to manage their online store front, which had its own order management system (OMS) for the origination and post-origination process. However, they needed to integrate their custom OMS system with nopCommerce to streamline their order management process and reduce manual work.


The client approached to develop a custom integration plugin for their nopCommerce OMS system. The goal was to collect all order-related information from nopCommerce and communicate it to their custom OMS system, which would update the state and information of the order in real-time.

Business Challenge

The client faced several technical challenges with their existing order management process. Their custom OMS system was not integrated with nopCommerce, which led to a significant amount of manual work required to update the state and information of the order. This process was prone to human error and time-consuming, leading to delays in order processing and fulfillment. Additionally, the lack of real-time updates made it difficult for the client to manage their inventory and keep track of order status. The client needed a solution to automate this process, integrate their OMS system with nopCommerce, and improve their overall order management process to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Our Approach and Solution

Our approach to developing the custom integration plugin for the client's nopCommerce site involved leveraging several modern technologies and frameworks. We utilized Python for its versatility in handling complex data operations, Azure for its cloud computing capabilities, and Docker for containerization, enabling us to efficiently deploy the solution. We developed the plugin's front-end interface using React, used REST API to facilitate real-time communication between the plugin and custom OMS systems, and implemented Redis for data caching. Finally, we utilized .NET Framework to develop the custom OMSsystem, providing the necessary functionalities for order management and fulfillment. Our technical approach resulted in a seamless integration that automated the client's order management process, increasing efficiency, and reducing errors.

Tech Stack

The team used Python for developing the integration plugin, Azure for hosting the solution, Docker for containerization, React for the front-end interface, Rest API for communication between the plugin and OMS system, Redis for caching, and .NET Framework for the custom OMS system.


Business Impact

The integration plugin developed by allowed the client to integrate their nopCommerce site with their custom OMS system seamlessly.
The plugin automated the data input process, reducing manual work required to 0.This resulted in a significant improvement in the client's order management process, reducing errors, and improving overall customer experience.

By automating the order management process, the client was able to focus on other business activities, such as marketing and sales, resulting in increased revenue and business growth.
The integration plugin developed by improved the client's order management process, leading to a positive impact on their business.