Case studies

Reinventing Digital Presence -'s Multichannel Marketing Consultation

About the client

Our client is a prominent healthcare company based in the US, revolutionizing the industry with its unique services

They adeptly bridge the gap between healthcare manufacturers and providers through sophisticated clinical education and coverage strategies, serving diverse healthcare entities across the globe.


The client engaged to conduct an all-encompassing overhaul of their existing website, coupled with the implementation of a refined marketing strategy and LinkedIn sales consultation. The intervention was aimed at leveraging modern digital strategies to boost online visibility and foster overall growth. The comprehensive revamp required integration of multiple elements, provision of real-time user engagement insights, and enabling data-driven decision-making across the entire value chain of the client's digital presence

Business Challenge

The existing website of our client was failing to meet their aspirations. It was characterized by an outmoded design, slow page load times, an ineffective CMS, and was missing both mobile optimization and SEO best practices. These shortcomings, in conjunction with an undefined digital strategy, were impeding the client's online presence and expansion. This situation underscored the pressing necessity for an exhaustive website revamp, a robust marketing strategy, and targeted LinkedIn sales consultation.

Our Approach and Solution, a leader in digital transformation and marketing consultation, adopted a comprehensive approach to address the client's challenges. First & foremost, our consulting team developed a deep understanding of the client’s product & service offerings along with their target audience. This strategy helped the professional redesign of the website and the incorporation of user experience (UX) best practices. We optimized the website for mobile devices and transitioned to a user-friendly CMS, WordPress.

Concurrently, we conducted extensive client workshops to articulate clear objectives for their digital presence revamp and to gain a deeper understanding of the client's unique business requirements and challenges. SEO best practices were integrated, along with advanced features and functionalities via WordPress and HubSpot CRM, placing a strong emphasis on web accessibility standards.

In our endeavor to amplify the client's digital footprint, we incorporated video content on the website and leveraged LinkedIn Sales and lead generation consultation. These videos were storyboarded &developed by’s in-house team. Video marketing served as a dynamic medium to engage audiences, enhance SEO, and increase dwell time on the website and LinkedIn profiles. We crafted LinkedIn marketing campaigns, specifically tailored to target the appropriate audience, enhancing the client's professional presence, and promoting brand awareness.

Tech Stack

The tech stack we used included: WordPress, Avada, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Hotjar for Heatmap Generation, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Figma, Canva, Envato, and


Business Impact

The comprehensive website overhaul coupled with multichannel marketing strategies, including LinkedIn Sales Consultation, significantly improved the client's digital brand positioning.
The aesthetically appealing and user-friendly website enhanced user engagement and conversion rates.
Effective SEO strategies amplified the brand's organic traffic and visibility considerably, while mobile optimization catered to an increasingly mobile audience.
Integrating video content and strategic LinkedIn marketing extended the client's reach, boosting brand awareness, customer engagement, and lead generation.
Moreover, the client workshops and regular stakeholder communication ensured the revamped website and marketing efforts remained relevant, well-aligned with the client's strategic objectives, thus ensuring sustainable digital success.