Case studies

Codvo's ArgoCD & Azure Kubernetes Integration Maximizes AI Platform's Potential

About the client

The client is a leading enterprise AI platform company that delivers intelligent automation and data analytics solutions for their customers.

They have a large customer base with a diverse range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and retail.


The client faced a challenge in streamlining their deployment process with Spinnaker, which was a multi-cloud continuous delivery platform that required significant infrastructure resources. The system was challenging to maintain and set up multiple clusters in Azure, leading to increased infrastructure management costs. was approached to provide a solution to reduce complexity and cost in the deployment process.

Business Challenge

The client was facing a challenge with their multi-cloud continuous delivery platform, Spinnaker, which required significant infrastructure resources, leading to increased infrastructure management costs. Maintaining and setting up multiple clusters in Azure was complex and time-consuming, leading to a delay in the deployment process. Moreover, using Spinnaker made it difficult for the client to have visibility into their deployments and quickly deploy or rollback, which impacted their efficiency. The client needed a solution that would streamline their deployment process, provide better visibility into deployments, and reduce infrastructure costs.

Our Approach and Solution

Our team suggested the adoption of ArgoCD, a lightweight and declarative GitOps-based tool suitable for cluster-only deployments. We syncedArgoCD with Azure Kubernetes, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Monitor to streamline the deployment process. This approach ensured that the desired application state was maintained across all clusters, reducing potential errors and inconsistencies in the deployment process. ArgoCD allows for direct deployment and management of charts from GitHub, providing better visibility into deployments. Its CLI and UI options facilitated quick deployments and rollbacks, further streamlining the process.

Tech Stack


Business Impact


After adopting ArgoCD, our client was able to deploy and manage charts directly from GitHub, which provided more visibility into deployments.
The use of Git as a source of truth ensured that the desired state of the application was maintained across all clusters, reducing potential errors and inconsistencies.
ArgoCD's CLI and UI options allowed for quick deployments and rollbacks, further streamlining the deployment process.
The adoption of ArgoCD proved to be a successful solution for our client's deployment needs, leading to significant cost savings in infrastructure management and improved deployment efficiency.