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5 Tips to Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Follow these tips to increase your eCommerce conversion rate. These optimization tips could be the key to increase your sales.

Optimizing for eCommerce conversion rate could be the key to making a bunch of sales from your products. If your site isn't optimized, you are missing out on the opportunity to deliver great experience, all while meeting your bottom line.  

Your eCommerce site is flourishing. People are clicking on your ads, following you on your social media, and above all, buying your products all over again.  

The question is: Will tomorrow promise the same scenario?

The answer depends on how you actually manage your eCommerce site.

When managing an eCommerce site, you must have a clear set of goals in mind. After all, you don’t spend time fine-tuning your website, adding in new features, and giving away discounts just for nothing, right?

Just like most entrepreneurs would do, it’s vital that you focus on your conversion goals. These often come in many forms and you may want to:

Great! You have clearly defined your conversion goals. Now, it’s time to find out the areas you should take a good look at, or perhaps improve, to achieve your specific goals and ultimately, eCommerce success.    

1. Mobile-Friendliness

People are always on the go and they don’t have time to find a personal computer or bring a laptop anytime they need a product from your shop. Instead, they fish out their smartphones from their pocket and tap away.

This year Statista forecasted that smartphone users would reach 275.66 million in the US alone and currently, there are 167.77 million mobile buyers in the country.    

Therefore, it’s important that your eCommerce site works perfectly on mobile. Images should display properly, the “buy” button visible, and product descriptions readable. By opting for a responsive design, your website will adjust according to the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

2. Content

Without punchy words, encouraging reviews, informative product descriptions, and clear call-to-actions (CTAs), who would want to buy from your store, let alone look at it?

Content doesn’t only refer to written copy, however. You have to option to showcase product videos, infographics, and the like. On the other hand, in-depth content such as buyer’s guides can also be of great help for your SEO efforts – bringing us to the next point.  

3. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the organic way of getting a top spot in the results pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Being on the first page means that more people will see your business when they’re actively searching for products similar to what you’re selling.

Unique content, high domain authority, and proper keyword research are a killer combination to up your SEO game.

According to Backlinko, Google looks at 200+ factors to rank websites, so it may be worth checking them out too when optimizing your site for search engines.  

4. Design and UX

Is your website easy to navigate? Did you think about your users or customers during the design process? Answering no could hurt your conversion rate and goals.

The tip here is to do it for your customers. Make their shopping experience great by assessing your website from the user perspective, then redesign as needed.

5. Checkout Process

Lastly, look at your shopping cart abandonment rate. According to Radware statistics, 97% of online carts are abandoned on mobile. Meanwhile, 51% of US online shoppers say that they abandon carts due to the site’s slowness.

To solve the dilemma, you can migrate to a new eCommerce platform that’s better at handling online cart abandonments. Hiring a team to optimize your website for shopping cart acceleration is also a viable option.

Wrapping It Up

Achieving eCommerce success can’t be done overnight or all by yourself. Acknowledge the fact that there are five (or more) areas to go over and that you probably need expert help. can give you access to top talents, from developers, QA experts, UX designers to eCommerce solutions architects. Build your high-performing remote team by partnering with us today at

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