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AI Transformation is the New Digital Transformation

Let's dive into the exciting world of today's tech! In our super-connected age, any business stepping into the digital world needs AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI is a big deal in digital changes. It's not just a small part; it's the main thing! AI helps companies handle lots of data, understand complex info, and make smart systems work on their own.

AI changes how we think about digital stuff. It's not just about using technology; it's about making businesses smart from the inside out. AI gives companies the tools to not only join the digital world but to be leaders. Mixing AI with digital stuff is key to making cool new things and working more efficiently. This mix is a must-have for any business wanting to do well in today's digital world.

AI & Digital Transformation

When we talk about tech growing fast, AI and Digital Transformation (or DX for short) are super close friends. They work best together. AI powers the best DX projects, bringing new chances and better ways to do things. Let's clear up what AI means in the DX world. In building stuff or making things, AI usually means smart programs made for specific jobs, like using CAD software. These programs do their thing within set limits, unlike how humans think. In steady, usual work, like in old-school factories, automation is great. It does things based on what it gets. But AI loves complicated and unpredictable stuff. It learns, gets better, and can think ahead. Digital tech is best at changing the real world into digital, making work better, and sparking new ideas. AI is key for complicated DX jobs, handling more data than we can and making smart, fast decisions.

Vuforia's AR Brilliance

Vuforia does amazing things with AR (Augmented Reality). It uses smart computer vision to recognize parts by how they look. This makes work a lot easier.

Generative Design in CAD

3D CAD tools, like Creo, are super important for engineers today. AI takes it up a notch, making the design process faster and smarter by making great designs from just a little info. This boosts creativity and efficiency.

Data Utilization and Competitive Advantage

Just collecting data isn't enough. AI's smart at understanding data, helping to make things work better and stop problems. Companies not using AI in their DX plans might fall behind. A 2021 study by PwC shows that more and more industries are starting to use AI.


Adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) to businesses is a big step. It can be great, but it's not easy. There are several things to think about to make it work right.

To deal with these challenges, businesses need a complete plan. They should work with tech partners who understand their goals. This helps make sure AI is used in the best way.


AI is changing how businesses work in many areas:

In conclusion, AI is a big help for businesses, making things more efficient and smarter. As they use more AI, businesses must think about the costs and the big benefits in the long run.

How to Succeed in AI Transformation for Organizations

To do well in AI transformation, companies need to handle a lot of data smartly and plan ahead. First, they need good data, because AI works best with accurate information. Focus on small AI projects that show results and keep people excited. Tools like Apexon's COMPASS, which make progress fun to see, are helpful. Use smart ways to handle data, like tools that prepare data automatically and get insights from tools you already have. This makes AI systems better and stops you from feeling overwhelmed by too much data.

Being quick and flexible is important. Small teams that work fast often do better than big, slow ones. This also helps get employees on board when they see AI making their jobs easier. COMPASS is a good tool for this. It gives fast feedback from project management tools, helping teams learn and improve quickly. It's about using the right skills at the right time and always getting smarter. This helps keep AI projects on track with the company's big goals, making data a key tool for decision-making and helping the company reach its targets.

AI Transformation Playbook

We've made an "AI Transformation Playbook" to help businesses lead in AI. This playbook is based on what we've learned from top companies like Google and Baidu. We think AI could add $13 trillion to the world's economy by 2030, and not just in tech.

The playbook has five steps for companies worth $500 million to $500 billion to use AI well:

This playbook shows how important it is to manage data well and change job roles and processes for AI. It's a guide for businesses to not just use AI technology but to reorganize in a way that takes full advantage of AI.

In short, the "AI Transformation Playbook" is a step-by-step guide for companies to become AI-focused, staying competitive and innovative in a fast-changing business world.


Moving towards AI transformation needs brave leadership and a forward-thinking approach. It's about building a future were technology and human insight work together for better results and new ideas. AI can change how customers experience your services, make operations smoother, and create new opportunities that make your company stand out.

Embracing AI means thinking digital-first at every level of your company. It involves setting up strong systems, encouraging ongoing learning and change, and driving this change. By including AI in your digital strategy, you can discover lots of useful insights, innovate widely, and develop strong business models that do well even when things in the world are changing.

To sum up, today's digital transformation is all about AI transformation. As leaders, your choices now will shape your company's future. It's time to use AI to its fullest and rethink what your business can do. This is more than just a tech change; it's the evolution of business itself. And it starts with AI. Codvo is at the forefront of this transformation, guiding businesses into this new era of digital and AI-driven success.

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