Overcoming Challenges in Remote-First Organizations

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If your company is all-remote or remote-first, it means that there is no conventional office space available for employees beyond the residence. Your company has prepared for remote work by developing various other means of collaboration. Your organization does not consider space as a hub of activity, but rather as a venue.

Remote-first organizations face unique challenges, but they also reap numerous benefits. Individual and organizational benefits are igniting this workplace revolution, and many businesses want to go remote first. Remote working comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Fortunately, there are strategies and techniques that any company can use to make remote working work for them.

Let's look at a few of these obstacles and discuss how to resolve them.

Inadequate Communication


The most obvious issue is a lack of communication—information is not flowing proficiently and is not reaching the appropriate stakeholders. It leads to poor results, sluggish execution, and repetitive tasks.


Implement an effective meeting structure to allow for multiple channels of communication.

A properly configured hierarchy with proper delegation and authority span.

Individuals must hear messages several times before they can internalize them.

Overworked Employees


Remote workers participate in numerous conference calls, chats, and receive numerous notifications, especially when teams are dispersed across the globe. Many employees don't really take sick leave or vacation time since they can make up for the hours missed at their leisure, resulting in burnout.


Create leave policies in the same way that you would in a typical workplace.

You can mandate paid time off for your employees.

Encourage employees to draw lines between what can be done today and what can be done tomorrow.



It can be difficult to guarantee the security of sensitive and confidential information regarding the company when your employees work from anywhere. Any data breach can cost you millions of dollars.


Create cyber-security and threat education and training.

Create security policies for password resets, avoiding malicious links, uploading, and downloading data, and investing in anti-malware software.

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