CODVO.AI: Firm that Bridges Talent Deficit

The following is a synopsis of the story in Financial Express: Click on the link, and you can read the entire article.

According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, 76% of global IT decision-makers face skills gaps in their teams. "Remote work is the solution, and we at (Coding Virtual Operations) recognized the value of remote working. This pure-play product engineering firm's managing partner, Amit Verma, says, "We need to go where talent is, not the other way around." He is a driven individual with an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. aspires to improve people's lives by providing cutting-edge digital solutions. Its fast-growing staff of technicians, scientists, and designers is fascinated with finding the "Right Fit" solutions for its customers' ambitious projects. The concept of creating virtual Silicon Valleys is central to this venture. "We feel that Silicon Valleys are not geographically delimited. We aim to provide the opportunity to work on ambitious projects to the talent available in major and small locations across India with our strategy of remote-first and establish mini–Virtual Silicon Valleys all over," he says. The organization has placed RightFit teams that deliver the goods because producing Right Fit solutions for their consumers is a priority. Codvo's concept is to pair a technological product or project with the RightFit Team to maximize client synergy, productivity, and satisfaction.

According to a PwC report, the Covid-19 epidemic has advanced 52 percent of firms' AI implementation plans. Startups and corporations are now searching for pure-play AI and cloud companies that can provide expertise and scale. "Our expertise is in AI, cloud, UX, and cybersecurity," says Verma, who adds that "our knowledge is evolving, and we are vigorously adding subject matter experts and industry veterans to our team to enhance them." Fintech behemoths, internet start-ups, gaming corporations, e-commerce platforms, healthcare firms, and aircraft manufacturers are among our clients."

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