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Vertical GenAI Uplifts Enterprises with Tailored Models

How GenAI is changing the game and what to watch out for?

GenAI is a big deal these days, not just for folks at home, but for businesses too. Lots of companies, big and small, are using GenAI for all sorts of things. They're putting it into their day-to-day work, and most of them plan to use it even more. Why? Because GenAI keeps getting better and better. It's really helping in areas like marketing, making products, customer service, and office tasks. This is where companies see the most benefit from using GenAI.

People have big hopes for GenAI. They think it's going to really shake things up in the next few years, especially in tech and finance. GenAI is already popular in marketing, product development, and customer service. Companies that are ahead of the game are using it to do great things and find new ways to make money or improve what they offer.

Different industries will feel the impact of GenAI differently. For example, banks, drug companies, and schools might benefit a lot because GenAI is great with information and data. But factories might not see as much change because GenAI is more about ideas than physical work. This is a bit different from past tech changes that really changed manufacturing.

Even though GenAI is popular, some companies aren't quite ready for the risks. The biggest worry is that GenAI might not always get things right. This is a bigger concern than cyber threats or rules and regulations. The best companies are using GenAI in creative ways, like developing new products or managing risks and supply chains. They're not just trying to save money; they're looking to make new things and improve what they already have with AI.

The Co-pilot Revolution

Last year was a game-changer with tools like GitHub's Copilot becoming big news. Copilot, which started in 2022, is popular now. It's an AI tool that helps write code, explain it, and fix it. This makes it easier for new programmers to learn the ropes.

At the same time, Amazon brought out CodeWhisperer, like Copilot but with its own twist. It gives coding suggestions based on what you're trying to do. It's been a big help, making coding faster and more successful.

Other tools, like Jetbrains and Tabnine, CodeStory are growing in the GenAI world too. AI is now essential in software development, and companies want to use it in more parts of the software creation process. GenAI is making a splash in the software industry, even in areas where less coding is needed. This could really change the market with ready-to-use templates and help with data and documentation.

In the future, we can expect all software to have a smart assistant like Copilot. Right now, Copilot has over 1000 plugins that let it work with all sorts of business data and systems. This makes it super useful for different tasks in a business, like handling expenses, bringing on new staff, and IT services. It's all about making these tasks easier and more automatic.

Easy-to-Use Custom GPTs & Assistants

OpenAI's new GPTs are here! They're easy to use and powerful. You can make your own ChatGPT for different needs. Just give it simple instructions, add files, and teach it more. You can make it do specific things too. After setting it up, you can share it with others. This is great for making your own smart helpers in apps. Companies can make GPTs for their work without needing to know how to code. This keeps things safe. You can also control how these GPTs are shared in your business and if you use GPTs from outside.

There's also a GPT Store now. Developers can put their GPTs there and make money when people use them. The store picks the best and safest GPTs to show off. Remember, GPTs always ask you before doing something or sharing your info. They respect your privacy. Making smart helpers used to be hard, but GPT makes it easier and better.

The Assistants API adds cool features to GPT. It remembers what you talked about before, finds information, runs Python code, reads documents, and can even do things in apps. You don't have to repeat your whole conversation each time you talk to it. This makes chatting with GPT smooth. You can see how conversations grow and change on the developer platform.

In the future, these smart helpers will get even better. They'll be able to plan and do more complex things for you. This means GPTs will be more helpful and do more amazing stuff.

Industry Specific Generative AI Use Cases  

Product Features that can enhance Industry Capabilities   


Using Generative AI (GenAI) is changing how we work and do business. It's not just about doing things faster. It's about new ways of working and creating value. We see this in software tools like GitHub's Copilot and in custom GPT models. But there are challenges too. We need to make sure GenAI is accurate, safe, and follows rules. Different industries need different GenAI strategies. It's important to use GenAI responsibly. We should balance being creative with being safe and ethical. GenAI should help us in a good and safe way.

Companies like Codvo are important now. They help us understand and use GenAI the right way. They make sure we use technology to make our lives better, safely, and ethically.

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