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Why Remote Work is the New Normal?

Learn why remote working is the future. Is it because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Or is it because of the continuous change of the modern world?

Remote Workforce: A Competitive Advantage, Not A Passing Trend

Here, we will explain why having a remote workforce is something that every business should consider. Unlike what others might be saying, remote teams are here to stay and when fostered properly, they can become a valuable asset to your company.  

The global pandemic has pushed businesses in every part of the world to stay indoors and bring their work home. Now, the biggest question to date: is remote working here to stay?  

Microsoft says so and we couldn’t agree more here at As recent reports suggest, people are doing pretty well when it comes to making the “work from home” scenario work. With tools like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, employers and employees can easily connect and collaborate with one another.  

But what happens when things go back to normal? Will the idea of working remotely become just another passing trend, a distant memory? Again, we say no to that here at Instead of treating remote work as an option, we firmly believe that remote teams will be one of the core foundations of thriving businesses.  

With the assistance of ever-evolving technology, the way we work will continue to be disrupted. For instance, Amazon and its Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions now give you the power to access your desktop anywhere in the world.  

To business managers, this means that you can finally say goodbye to the tedious hardware inventory management and provide hundreds or even thousands of desktops to workers across the globe. As such, DaaS and other similar solutions will enable your remote teams to be as efficient as they can be.  

And just as you suspected, when you have highly efficient remote teams, they can be a key asset that can help you achieve ultimate business success. Here are some reasons why:  

1. Remote  Workforces Save Time And Resources

Remote workers seem to be always on the go. The good thing is, their job moves with them. So wherever they are, they can get the job done. Businesses, on the other hand, can cut costs since additional physical infrastructures won’t be necessary.  

2. Remote Work Setting Offers A Work-Life Balance Benefit  

This results in the employees being happy and motivated. And by creating a balance between personal and work life, you bring the best out of your workforce, resulting in maximum efficiency and productivity.

3. Remote Teams That Are Culturally-fit To Businesses Is Like Hitting A Gold Mine

With plenty of potential candidates today, it’s difficult to hire and form a remote team that could accommodate your exact delivery needs.  

The good news is there are talent pools out there that you can tap on such as ours to fast-track the scouting and hiring process. At the same time, you can ensure that your remote teams are not just skilled and experienced, but also share your values and can work in your timezone!  

Global Remote Teams As the Workforce of Tomorrow

As we talk about shifting towards the remote work setting and tapping onto talent pools, it becomes more evident that the opportunity for companies to expand globally is huge.  

Today, ‘work from home’ also means ‘work from anywhere.’ And if you look into our talent network, it wouldn’t be so hard to see your global remote teams in the making. Instead of relying on freelancers, you get to form a dedicated remote tech team regardless of your location. Each member acts as a true teammate, fitting just right into your work environment and company culture.      

The best part of having your global remote teams? You can follow the sun, meet growing demands, and serve your customers in the best way possible.  

However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies in the remote working world.  

Keeping the workflow smooth, productivity level high, and employees emotionally and socially supported can get in the way at first. In the end, there’s nothing you couldn’t overcome through careful business planning, proper use of technology, and genuine communication.  

In Conclusion

If you’re still not convinced that global remote teams can drive your business towards success, just look at the companies that made it to the top by harnessing the power of remote workers: Buffer, Basecamp, Stack Overflow, Mozilla, Spotify, and Salesforce. Just recently, one of the social media giants, Twitter, also announced that they will be working from home permanently.

Looking at the big picture, we could say that having remote teams gives you the capacity to expand your workforce and do more with less hefty equipment. As your business grows, it’s common sense to scout, form, and hire additional remote teams that will support your delivery needs.  

Are you ready to scale-up and create your global remote tech team? How would you like to start? is your partner in creating highly-efficient remote teams that are experts in every aspect of technology, from machine learning, cloud systems, artificial intelligence to data science. We do the scouting and allow you to access our pre-vetted talents so you can find the ones that fit your requirements. Sign up to our no-risk trial program to save time without compromising the quality of your hires.

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