Why RPA Paves the Way to Automated Processes?

Find out why robotic process automation will soon rule the different aspects of business processes. Automation is the future; no doubt it will rule the world.

RPA: Robots and Automation As A Secret Weapon Against COVID-19

Robots and automated processes will soon rule the world. The rise of RPA has been evident as soon as the pandemic hit hard across the globe. Hence, many businesses are still alive, kicking, and running — all thanks to bots.

COVID-19 continues to take its toll on different parts of the world. Although industries like tourism and hospitality, travel, and events are being shaken more than anticipated, others are relying on digital media and taking refuge in robotic process automation (RPA).  

It seems that it’s not so secret anymore that retail, healthcare, financial, and public sectors are leveraging the power of “robots” or software with automatic capabilities to meet increased demand and maintain business continuity.  

Through RPA, businesses can adapt to modern technologies that can help not just in maintaining but also increasing bottom lines over the long haul. But how exactly can robots and automation do that?  

Short answer: by reducing the need for manual labor, increasing process efficiency, and maintaining costs at a minimum.  

For a more in-depth view, let’s observe the surge in demand for RPA in the era of COVID-19, across different industries.  

Financial Institutions

Apart from ensuring business continuity, the finance and accounting sectors are aiming for a higher level of efficiency without needing to recruit more employees. This can be done by using a combination of attended and unattended bots to automate certain, repetitive financial activities.  

Bots can also help financial institutions process numerous loan applications in these trying times. Functions such as data extraction, real-time database updates, and loan calculation can be done automatically so issuing funds to individuals and small businesses won’t be so much of a struggle and a tedious process.  

Healthcare Facilities

Because of the increasing number of COVID-19 patients, you would think that those who are in this sector don’t have enough time to rest. While it’s true for the most part, the use of RPA is slowly easing the heavy workload from the frontline workers in the healthcare industry.  

Bots have the capacity to do the following so as to accelerate COVID-19 testing and wait times:  

  1. Taking of patient data and matching it to the hospital’s EMR records
  1. Recording and sending of test results to the health department  
  1. Conducting mobile surveys for initial diagnosis  
  1. Scheduling of remote patient consultations  
  1. Health screening to monitor the overall health of employees  

Essential Goods Providers

Since most people are stuck at home, they opt to get essential goods such as food, groceries, even medications online and have them delivered right at their doorstep.  

No wonder there’s now also a surge in job applications in the retail sector. Good thing, RPA software can automate employee selection and background checks to unload business owners and help them save more time.  

Customer service-wise, RPA ensures balanced orders as well as zero delays and backlogs concerning critical or fragile products. Additionally, order management, supplier onboarding, and inventory management are also made easier with bot-led technology.  

Remote Work Industry

Above all, RPA is now considered a vital tool in shaping tomorrow’s workforce. The idea is to work anywhere you want, and with the help of automated software, business managers can help employees set up their remote work environments. For instance, VPN set up and equipment registration can be automated as well as associating employee numbers with newly bought work equipment.  

Furthermore, bots are now also used to track task completion and monitor employee attendance, giving you a 360 view of your team’s productivity and which members should be given incentives for a job well done.        


The use of RPA tools and technologies promises a great future to organizations who are willing to shift towards a more digitized set-up. If you’re one of them, even at turbulent times, you can count on your bots to do the tiresome, day-to-day tasks with zero errors. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to keep your remote workforce intact and focused on high value and high priority deliverables. This, in turn, would allow you to quickly scale and deliver when customer demands hit new highs.  

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