Codvo Industry 4.0 Services

Our Industrial 4.0 solution expertise help our customers in getting closer to their end-users, creating resilient and adaptable systems by creating information architectures that integrate multiple data types including business & operational data both historical & real-time.

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As industry 4.0 Experts, we can help you with

Integrated Dashboard

Visualization Dashboard covering data from Regional Level ---> Individual Plant---> Systems ---> Sub-components. Centralized command, enterprise control.

Production Optimization

Production Optimization

Project Execution, Workflow Mapping. Operations execution, process optimization, production management, Work Force Optimization& Fleet management.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Data Processing & Training AI Models. Asset Performance Management through Anomaly Detection & Predictive Maintenance.

Hybrid Architecture

Multi-cloud environment and Enterprise Software Systems integrating Real-time Data collection, aggregation, contextualization, events capture & suggestions and Historical data from Business & Operational systems.